The Truth of Now

Spiritual Consulting and Guidance

Reaching out to enlighten other's, one person at a time

I am here to help you to think outside the box of religion. Not to judge or condemn any one person no matter whatever level of understanding they may be in. I am here to bring awareness to others and healing for every person upon the planet. I am here to help you see a different view of your life, our universe and the true reality that is you, me and all of us.
I don't share my thoughts because I think it will change the minds of people, who think differently. I share my thoughts to show the people who already think like me.

You are not alone. We are ONE.



My spiritual journey began in 1967 at age 17. I found Christ or I found myself. For 6 months I read everything I could get my hands on about religion. I read in the bible that fasting would help you find your answers so I went to the mountains and fasted for 21 days. Each day or night I would have a new revelation of truth. I was told things that was not in the religion teachings. After the fast I was introduced to the deliverance and healing ministry and casting out spirits. I would go to churches and just watch and listen to what I was hearing. It was different that what I was told in my mountain experience. In 1968 I walked into a little book store and my attention was drawn to a little table with old books. The first one I picked up was in titled "The other Jesus"-YOU-. For the next few months I read this little book about 12 times. They were saying things like “Heaven is not a far land. Heaven is in you.” This little book took away my heaven, my hell and my Jesus. Then I was introduced to like-minded people like Joel Goldsmith and Jane Roberts. They were pioneers in my awakening. I began to see a pattern about the human body and the mind and the parallel universe your DNA the cells of your body and the energy points or chakras and I began to "channel” my higher self in my awakening. I began to incorporate this truth into my messages. I began to see truth in everything and everybody.

So my journey begins.